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Our Work in Europe

Building an Options-Based Climate Strategy for Europe

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Europe needs a new vision for climate and energy policy.

It is time for the EU and European countries to develop a climate strategy that reflects the scale and complexity of the problem, and that advances the broad set of policy and technology solutions needed to address it. CATF is on the ground in Europe’s capitals, bringing forward innovative climate solutions across the continent.

CATF’s presence in Europe

CATF staff on the ground

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The challenges

Emissions reductions are behind schedule.

Ambitions are high but deployment of crucial climate technologies is woefully inadequate. And Europe’s position in the world is undergoing rapid change.

Amidst the shifting geopolitics and socio-economic impacts of the energy crisis, CATF advocates for a full suite of climate solutions that will help Europe reach 2050 climate targets.

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European policymakers see the opportunity

“We need solutions that work across the European Union, with its different specificities and varying levels of fiscal capacity.”

Thierry Breton Thierry Breton

“We want to seize this moment. We know that in the next years the shape of the net-zero economy and where it is located will be decided, and we want to be an important part of this net-zero industry that we need globally.”

Von der Leyen Von der Leyen

“The days of fossil fuels, of oil and gas, are coming to an end, and climate neutrality is demanding something new. New technologies, new supplies, energy savings, hydrogen, CCU, and CCS.”

Robert Habeck Robert Habeck

“The new economic era that emerges already requires massive investments in green and digital transitions, especially through innovative and competitive new clean technologies.”

Klaus Iohannis Klaus Iohannis, President of Romania

Our approach

At CATF, we advocate for an approach to climate neutrality that achieves both long-term energy security and economic growth. We need a climate strategy that includes:

Climate policies that incorporate broad solutions options and enable each country or region to deploy solutions that suits its individual resource endowments and economies.

Long-term policy and investment planning to scale needed climate technologies

More efficiently dispersing existing funding

Additional policy tools and funding to deploy different technology options and support the build-out of connecting infrastructure

Proactive planning to significantly improve the chance of delivering a more efficient and less costly future energy system

Our new vision for Europe

An energy secure, economically strong, climate-neutral Europe, that is delivering a blueprint for achieving net-zero emissions that promotes technology optionality and supports global decarbonisation.

This will include:

  • Faster and more efficient climate infrastructure deployment
  • 24/7 carbon-free electricity
  • Hydrogen deployment in no-regrets sectors
  • Preservation and scaling of nuclear fission
  • Carbon capture and storage deployment
  • Methane mitigation measures, including on imports
  • Real decarbonisation pathways for marine shipping, aviation and heavy freight
  • Pilots and demonstrations of superhot rock energy projects
  • Getting real on the role of bio-energy and biomethane
  • Verified and additional carbon dioxide removal measures

Latest updates in Europe

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