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CATF Timeline

25 Years of Impact

Over the past 25 years, CATF has carved out a unique role in the environmental and climate movement as a science-driven, solutions-focused, and strategic organization that gets results.

1996 Clean Air Task Force is founded

Lumps of coal

1996 Launched U.S. Power Plant Pollution Campaign


2000 Launched Campaign Against Super Pollutants

Coal plant

2000 Unveiled the Toll from Coal

Industry worker

2002 Broadened Our Strategy

Fuel Pump

2003 Launched National Diesel Clean-up Campaign

U.S. Capitol

2004 Led the U.S. Push for Carbon Capture


2006 Set the Record Straight on Bioenergy

Nuclear energy

2007 Advocated for Nuclear Energy Innovation

Office Meeting

2011 Helped form the Carbon Capture Coalition


2014 Championed the Clean Power Plan

U.S. CCS interactive map

2018 Launched Interactive Maps Tracking Carbon Capture Announcements

North America Flags

2018 Expanded North American Work, Providing Expert Support in Canada and Mexico

Technical drawing

2018 Supported Nuclear Energy Innovation Capabilities Act

Founders Pledge

2018 Rated Top Climate Charity by Founders Pledge

Highway system

2018 Launched Work on Zero-Carbon Fuels


2018 Brought Firepower to Campaign for State Clean Energy Standards and Utility Zero-Carbon Pledges


2019 Launched Legal Challenge to Resurrect the Bureau of Land Management Methane Waste Rule

Industrial pipes

2019 Rallied Support for 45Q, Spurring U.S. Carbon Capture Commercialization


2019 Filed Public Comments Opposing Reversal of Mercury and Air Toxics Standards

Oil Rig

2019 Launched the Country Methane Abatement Tool (CoMAT)

Google HQ

2019 Led Campaign to Increase Carbon Effectiveness of Large Energy Buyers’ Purchasing Strategy

U.S. Capitol

2020 Helped Secure $125 billion in Federal Funding for Climate Technology

EU flag

2021 Grew Substantially, Expanding into Europe, Africa, and the Middle East

Urban runner

2021 Launched Carbon-Free Technology Initiative

Methane emission

2021 Revealed Methane Emissions at Oil and Gas Sites Across Europe

California State Flag

2021 Co-Published Landmark Study on Need for Clean Firm Power

Stars in the sky

Looking Ahead Future-focused, Guided by Founding Principles