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CATF Expert

Alfredo Miranda-González

Technical and Policy Manager


Alfredo Miranda-González joined CATF in 2020, serving as a technical and policy manager for methane and other super pollutants focusing on the oil and gas sector. Prior to joining CATF, Alfredo served in the Mexican government from 2014 until 2020. He began at the Mexican Ministry of Energy where he coordinated the formulation of key pieces of environmental regulation for shale oil and gas. In this role he also worked with international organizations to implement best practices to reduce the flaring and venting of natural gas in the oil and gas industry. During his time at the oil and gas environmental regulator (ASEA) he was tasked with identifying strategies to contribute to the accomplishment of Mexico’s Nationally Determined Contributions set in the Paris Agreement and to the objectives established in the Convention on Biological Diversity.

He earned an undergraduate degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering in 2010 from Cardiff University (UK). In 2014 he gained an MSc in Management and Engineering of Environment and Energy from KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) and École des Mines de Nantes (France).