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Malwina Qvist
CATF Expert

Malwina Qvist

Nuclear Program Lead


Malwina is a Senior Analyst on the Energy Systems Analysis team. Malwina is based in London and her portfolio has an emphasis on supporting CATF’s European programs and EU advocacy agenda.

Malwina has both deep technical expertise as a nuclear engineer as well as a breadth of strong analytical capabilities through her experiences in advising senior policymakers, ministers, and private sector developers on a variety of low-carbon energy sources. Most recently, Malwina worked at Cornwall Insight where she worked directly with renewable developers to advise on energy markets and regulatory landscape within Great Britain. Prior to that, Malwina supported the UK government as a civil servant (Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) where she used her analytical skills to build evidence for future energy policies to achieve the UK’s zero-carbon energy goals.

Malwina has a PhD in Nuclear Engineering from Oregon State University, an MSc in Nuclear Engineering and BSc in Power Engineering from Warsaw University of Technology and completed a postdoctoral in the nuclear engineering department at UC Berkeley.