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Toby Lockwood
CATF Expert

Toby Lockwood

Technology and Markets Director, Carbon Capture


Before joining CATF, Toby was a senior analyst at the IEA Clean Coal Centre in London, specializing in carbon capture and storage and electricity markets. In this capacity, he authored and managed several in-depth studies on CCS technology and policy, while also leading the organization of a successful series of international conferences and workshops. Alongside this role, Toby cultivated a passion for writing, regularly contributing analytical pieces on CCS and other energy sector issues to industry magazines including Modern Power Systems, Energy World, and the Energy Industry Times.

Toby also has experience working on pollutant controls for the lime producer Lhoist in Belgium, and as an associate technical editor for materials science journal MRS Bulletin.

Following an undergraduate degree in natural sciences from the University of Cambridge, he obtained master’s degrees in nanomaterials from Imperial College London, and in chemistry from McGill University in Montreal.