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brandon locke
CATF Expert

Brandon Locke

Europe Policy Manager, Methane Pollution Prevention


Brandon joined CATF in May 2023 as the Europe Policy Manager for the Methane Pollution Prevention team. He focuses on advancing CATF’s methane reduction objectives across Europe and the EU Institutions.

Prior to joining CATF, Brandon worked at The ONE Campaign, where he led the EU Policy and Advocacy team and shaped economic, health, and climate policies to tackle systemic inequalities in Sub-Saharan Africa. Specifically, he focused on securing the Loss and Damage Fund agreed at COP27, and mobilizing development and climate finance through the EU’s Multiannual Financial Framework, new EU own resources, and the G20-led CAF reform of Multilateral Development Banks.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Brandon helped lead ONE’s global campaigns to foster equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines and treatments, and subsequently worked closely with the European Commission to shape the EU’s new Global Health Strategy.

Brandon began his career working on human rights and democracy issues in North Africa, conducting research and monitoring national elections in Tunisia and Egypt following the Arab Spring. He later co-founded the Brussels International Center, a think-tank that focuses on cyclical drivers of conflict and economic fragility in North-Africa and the Middle East, where he now volunteers counsel as a Senior Strategic Adviser.

Originally from New York City, Brandon studied Political Science at Duke University, and later obtained a Master’s Degree in International Development from the University of Kent’s Brussels School of International Studies.