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Launched Campaign Against Super Pollutants

CATF was the first environmental group to publicize the importance of reducing the emissions of super pollutants like methane and black carbon. Super pollutants derive their name from their relatively short life in the atmosphere as compared to CO₂, and their outsized hazardous impact on climate and public health. Black carbon lingers in the atmosphere for just a few days before falling to the earth, and methane persists for a little more than a decade. By contrast, the climate impacts of each ton of CO₂ emitted can last for hundreds of years. CATF pushes to curb super pollutants to reduce global warming in the near term, while pushing to curb long-lived CO₂ in the long term.

Our super pollutants work focuses on reducing methane emissions from the oil and gas sector, and black carbon emissions from oil and gas flaring and the shipping industry. We actively advocate for super pollutant reductions in international and domestic venues, supporting scientific research, promoting policy initiatives, encouraging the development of financial incentives for pollution controls, and championing and defending standards that can dramatically reduce emissions of these significant air pollutants.

Learn more about our work in methane pollution prevention.