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Launched Work on Zero-Carbon Fuels

CATF launched its work on zero-carbon fuels in 2018 with a roadmapping report called Fuels Without Carbon.

Because the world depends — and will continue to depend — on portable, storable, affordable, energy-dense fuels, the development of zero-carbon fuel is crucial to decarbonizing the power and transportation sectors and to climate change mitigation. Two of the most promising zero-carbon fuel options are hydrogen (H2) and ammonia (NH3). The Fuels Without Carbon report explored how a massive scale-up in the production and use of zero-carbon hydrogen and ammonia might help decarbonize segments of the power sector, the industrial sector, and the transportation sector.

Today, CATF has a dedicated team devoted to the commercialization of zero-carbon fuels at scale. Learn more about our work in zero-carbon fuels.