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Carbon Capture and
Storage in Europe

Carbon capture momentum in Europe

Momentum around carbon capture and storage in Europe is growing, with numerous countries committed to developing carbon management strategies, and over 100 projects in development.

In Brussels, carbon capture and storage is now a core part of climate policy. The European Commission’s Industrial Carbon Management Strategy lays out an ambitious plan for scaling up carbon capture and storage in the EU, carbon capture was put at the centre of the European Commission’s Net Zero Industry Act (NZIA) proposal, and multiple carbon capture projects were selected in the EU’s Innovation Fund.

Interactive CCS Map

Carbon capture projects in Europe

CATF has built an interactive map that tracks carbon capture projects that have been publicly announced in Europe. Users can click on the colored circles on the map to learn about each project’s location, sector (industrial, heat and power, or direct air capture), type of CO₂ storage (depleted hydrocarbon reservoir or saline), storage capacity and current status. 

CCS Cost Tool

The cost of carbon capture and storage in Europe

This interactive tool provides an overview of the cost of carbon capture and storage in Europe, according to the location and characteristics of each emissions source. Use the tool to explore different scenarios for reducing the cost of CO₂ transport and storage, and to visualise the scale of the CO₂ abatement opportunity at different carbon price levels.

CO2 Storage Tracker

Tracking CO2 storage project capacity in Europe

Geological storage of CO₂ will need to be rapidly scaled up to help Europe meet its climate goals. This tracker shows the target annual and total capacities that have been publicly announced by CO₂ storage projects across Europe, and plots how storage capacity could develop over time.

CCS Fact Sheets

Carbon capture and storage deployment in Europe

How can we ensure carbon capture and storage is deployed effectively across member states? Review CATF’s library of fact sheets for European countries to begin exploring that question. 

A European strategy for carbon capture and storage

This report outlines a set of concrete steps needed to produce a comprehensive carbon capture and storage strategy fit for Europe’s climate ambitions. This report played a pivotal role in building momentum in Europe for such a policy while informing its development. With over 100 carbon capture or storage projects now proposed across the region, it is imperative that national governments around the EU develop coordinated policy frameworks that allow these first-mover projects to progress and develop into a viable, region-wide industry for CO2 storage. 

Unlocking Europe’s CO2 storage potential

This study aims to help policymakers understand where support of carbon capture and storage development is likely to be most impactful and help investors and project developers understand the most promising regions for investment in CO2 transport and storage.

Latest updates on carbon capture
and storage in Europe

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