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Protected: Carbon capture and storage: What can we learn from the project track record?

May 28, 2024 Category: Industry, Technology Work Area: Carbon Capture
Petra Nova

About this report

There is growing political recognition of the important contribution that carbon capture and storage (CCS) must make towards global efforts to limit global warming. This has brought increasing scrutiny on the technical and economic performance of the facilities that are already using these technologies at large scales today. 

This report examines 13 significant carbon capture and storage projects, placing them in the context of their respective industrial sectors and outlining the motivations behind their development, their technical performance and what we have learned from them. In so doing, it aims to highlight the following key points: 

  • Commonly cited ‘large-scale’ or ‘commercial’ CCS projects represent the tip of the iceberg in terms of the existing deployment of many commercial technologies for the capture, transport, and storage of CO2. 
  • The climate performance of CCS projects is dependent not just on their technical performance, but also on their diverse motivations and the regulatory and market contexts in which they operate. 
  • There are, and will continue to be, technical challenges as CCS is carried out at larger scales and for more diverse applications, but these are demonstrably being overcome through operational experience, technological learning and innovation. As several large-scale CCS projects have been developed primarily as a means to gain such experience, maximising continuous technical performance is often subordinate to this goal. 
  • The right policies can ensure that new and existing technologies are used in such a way as to maximise the climate impact of carbon capture and storage. 

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