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Unlocking Europe’s CO2 Storage Potential

July 4, 2023 Category: Infrastructure, Technology Work Area: Carbon Capture

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is widely recognised as a key part of reaching net zero especially as a solution for sectors with emissions that are hard to abate or for carbon removal technologies.  A key barrier hindering large-scale uptake of CCS is the limited information on the geographical availability of CO2 storage.

This goal of this study, commissioned by CATF and prepared by Element Energy, was to provide a high-level estimation of the distribution and capacity of CO2 storage reservoirs across Europe and link these to where emissions from potential CCS-adopting industries are located. It aims to help policy makers understand where support of CCS development is likely to be most impactful and help investors and project developers understand the most promising regions for investment in CO2 transport and storage.

Read more on the findings of this report from CATF’s Carbon Capture Technology and Markets Director, Toby Lockwood, in the accompanying blog, Where will Europe store its CO2?