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Transport Sector GHG Reduction for India

November 16, 2022 Category: Transportation
India Transport Sector Reduction Report

The strategy for decarbonizing the on-road transport sector through electrification of the sector using battery electric vehicles (BEV) appears to be the preferred choice for most developed nations and, increasingly, for developing nations. However, this strategy implies the existence of a robust and increasingly low-carbon-intensity electric grid that can be effectively carbon neutral by midcentury. India is an example where the BEV pathway has been accepted as the primary strategy. However, the electric grid is currently highly dependent on coal and also faces considerable challenges in simultaneously decarbonizing and keeping up with very high demand growth.

A key objective of this study is to explore and identify the most impactful commercial and technology strategies that can be taken within India’s transportation sector to reduce the sector’s emissions in the near term, while positioning it along a pathway to full decarbonization by midcentury, with consideration of the multiple dimensions to be considered for any specific pathway.