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  • Super Pollutants Benchmarking Methane and Other GHG Emissions of Oil & Natural Gas Production in the United States

    This first-of-its-kind analysis provides investors, operators, natural gas purchasers, policymakers and regulators with the data needed to directly compare relative emissions intensity and total reported methane, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxide emissions for nearly 300 U.S. oil and gas producers. The results reveal dramatic variability between companies and basins. The benchmarking analysis is a collaborative

  • Carbon Capture Scaling Up Climate Ambition: Carbon Capture, Removal, and Storage Priorities in the 117th Congress

    In the US Congress, a series of pending bills that enhance 45Q, along with the SCALE Act, would enable the decarbonization of industrial facilities, power plants, transportation fuels, and catalyze the removal of CO2 directly from the atmosphere. The vital provisions in these bipartisan bills are mirrored in the carbon management priorities included in President Biden’s American Jobs Plan, which is the largest ever proposed investment in carbon capture commercialization put forward by a single government.

  • Zero-Carbon Fuels CATF Consultation for the Revision of the European Commission’s TEN-T Regulation

    With the Green Deal and its ambitious climate goals, the EU needs to adapt the TEN-T Regulation to ensure that the transport sector, currently representing almost a quarter of Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions, can transition to zero-emissions mobility.

  • Carbon Capture Achieving Deep Emissions Reductions with CO2 Networks for Europe

    A primer on CO2 networks – what they are and how they can contribute to decarbonising Europe

  • Power Plants Potential Human Health Impacts Associated with Retirement of Nuclear Power Plants in Illinois

    On August 26, 2020, Exelon announced its intention to retire two of its nuclear power plants in Illinois (Byron and Dresden Generating Stations). In October 2019 Clean Air Task Force (CATF) released an analysis of the significant health impacts that would result from the loss of four nuclear plants. At the time, CATF also analyzed […]

  • Super Pollutants Oil & Gas Methane: Mapping the Path to a 65% Reduction

    To tackle climate change, we must dramatically reduce methane emissions. In the short-term, methane is >80 times more potent than CO2. Methane accounts for a quarter of today’s global warming, yet levels in the atmosphere are surging. Quickly and significantly reducing methane pollution is one of the most important opportunities we have to slow the […]

  • News & Media 2020 CATF Annual Report – A Year of Global Impact

    We are thrilled to share the following report outlining our leadership throughout 2020. From our expansion in the EU to helping secure $125B for five years of energy technology at the United States federal level—CATF was in the driver’s seat despite a tumultuous year. You’ll also find highlights of the incredible growth that CATF experienced […]

  • Carbon Capture The SCALE Act Fact Sheet

    The Storing CO₂ and Lowering Emissions (SCALE) Act includes key policy pillars designed to overcome the barriers and drive CO₂ infrastructure deployment.