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Colombian Waste Sector Methane Analysis

April 11, 2024 Work Area: Methane

Methane from the solid waste sector – released when organic waste breaks down in landfills and dumpsites – currently accounts for more than 20% of the total methane emissions in
Colombia, and as waste generation increases, so too will this potent greenhouse gas unless changes are made to the country’s waste management system.

Colombia has seen significant progress in upgrading its waste management system in recent decades. The country has high collection rates, sends most waste to engineered disposal sites, and has developed a sustainable funding mechanism through its waste tariff.

Now, Colombia has the opportunity to build on these successes by reducing the climate impacts of its waste management system. With a municipal waste generation of more than 14 million metric tons in 2021 and solid waste disposal emissions of more than 380,000 metric tons of methane, there is significant mitigation potential in this sector.

This report assesses waste management in Colombia, with a focus on solutions that are known to improve waste management practices and abate methane from this critical sector.