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WATCH: Pathways to decarbonize marine shipping

October 17, 2021 Work Area: Zero-Carbon Fuels

In order to tackle climate change, we must decarbonize the marine shipping sector, which emits about 1 billion tons of carbon dioxide per year — roughly equal to emission from all U.S. passenger vehicles combined. But how can we go about doing it?

Clean Air Task Force has conducted extensive analysis to determine pathways to eliminate emissions from the global marine shipping sector, and has found that switching the sector from high-emitting fuels to zero-carbon fuels like hydrogen and ammonia has the greatest likelihood of success.

We’re sharing our findings in this animated explainer video, which focuses on five key action areas: National Policy, Cargo Owner Buy-In, International Policy, Ship Owner & Port Buy-In, and Technology.

Learn more about zero-carbon fuels and our work to decarbonize the marine shipping sector

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