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Our Work in the U.S.

Clean Energy Policy

Passing historic legislation unlocks the funding for a clean energy revolution. Implementation delivers on the promise. 

The U.S. has passed legislation to invest hundreds of billions of dollars in deploying and commercializing climate and clean energy solutions. But that’s just the beginning.

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The challenge

Implementing climate and clean energy policy is a complex process that requires expert input and coordinated action across federal government, states and local communities, and the private sector. The actions we take over the next several years to implement laws like the Inflation Reduction Act and Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will be critical to achieving the United States’ economic, environmental, and public health goals.

And although historic, the laws enacted to date are not enough to achieve our decarbonization goals. Future policy creation hinges on successful projects that generate tangible community benefits that in turn increase support for new climate and clean energy projects and policies.

Our approach

We work to make sure federal, state, and local decision-makers are accountable for competent, efficient, and effective implementation of climate and clean energy policy, ensuring everyone in the U.S. benefits from these historic investments, by:

  • Advising federal agencies for the strategic deployment of federal resources to achieve emissions targets and meet the needs on the ground.
  • Supporting states and local stakeholders in key geographies by working with officials, communities, coalitions, and organizations to ensure policies and other conditions are ready when projects deploy.
  • Advising industry to maximize emissions reductions, engage stakeholders, and identify barriers to implementation that need policy solutions.
  • Communicating successes to highlight wins in deployment of federal funding to reinforce the benefits of climate policy and support political durability.

Our implementation resources hub

View our implementation resources hub for more information on how to access and leverage federal incentives, IIJA and IRA project announcements, and additional guidance as projects get underway.

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Meet the experts

Implementation of laws like the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the Inflation Reduction Act is a priority for CATF, with program and advocacy experts working toward this goal throughout the organization. Our implementation team below is dedicated to this work full-time.