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  • Putting out the Fire

    How Nigeria has quietly cut flaring by 70%, and is now moving to cut methane emissions from the oil and gas sector.

  • EPA to propose eliminating methane regulations, CATF comments

    As it has attempted to do numerous times over the first two and a half years of President Trump’s Administration, EPA today announced a proposal to remove pivotal greenhouse gas regulations for the oil and natural gas industry in a move that has dangerous repercussions for our climate.  Today’s announcement signals that EPA will move

  • Key Climate Rule Still Stands

    Despite constant pressure from the oil and natural gas lobby, the 2016 EPA methane standards for the oil and gas industry still stand strong.

  • Methane Waste Prevention Rule: Not Dead Yet

    BLM’s Methane Waste Prevention Rule still has life. That is the takeaway from the new judgement by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit – and it’s good news for those who care about the waste of our nation’s precious resources (they belong to all of us), and about the climate.

  • The ExxonMobil Statement on Proposed Methane Standards: A Closer Look

    “Exxon urges EPA to maintain methane rules,” proclaimed the Houston Chronicle on December 20. Reuters was even more celebratory: “Exxon Mobil opposes weakening Obama-era emission rules: letter to EPA.” From these headlines and other news articles on ExxonMobil’s comments filed in response to the Administration’s proposal to dramatically weaken the Obama-era new source standards for […]

  • Photos from B.C.’s Leaking Methane Gas Wells Confirm Need for Stronger Regulations

    EARTHWORKS, PEMBINA INSTITUTE, CLEAN AIR TASK FORCE AND DAVID SUZUKI FOUNDATION VANCOUVER — Images taken with high-tech equipment of leaking methane pollution from gas wells in Montney Basin in northeast British Columbia show the need for stronger regulations for the oil and gas industry.  B.C. plans to finalize methane regulations in 2019. In December, the […]

  • U.S. and Canada Take a Big Step to Phase Down the Use of Heavy Fuel Oil in the Arctic

    In a joint statement released on December 20, 2016, President Obama and Prime Minister Trudeau announced numerous initiatives to protect the Arctic including (1) the designation of the vast majority of the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas as indefinitely off limits to offshore oil and gas leasing; (2) the launch of new processes to identify sustainable […]