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  • GHG Regs Must Be Top Priority

    Setting greenhouse gas performance standards for new and existing coal-fired power plants has to be THE environmental, energy, and climate policy priority for 2012. Given the carbon footprint of this industry, building a new coal fired power plant without some level of carbon dioxide control is simply not justifiable technically, politically, or even economically. Cleaning

  • Methane from Oil and Gas: Low-hanging Fruit that EPA Must Pick

    November 30th was the last day for public comments on EPA’s proposal to significantly update air emissions limits for most of the oil and natural gas industry.  The proposal makes much-needed revisions to existing requirements, which in some cases are over 25 years old, and in expanding the coverage of these rules, recognizes the significant […]

  • EPA Fiddles While Forests Burn

    EPA is fiddling while forests burn when it proposes to do nothing for the next three years to regulate “biogenic CO2” – including the CO2 emissions produced by burning forest biomass. Instead, it will convene a panel of experts to review whether or not there are carbon benefits to be gained from using wood and […]

  • It’s Finally Time to Regulate Air Toxics

    Did you know that air emissions from coal- and oil-fired power plants — the largest industry emitter of mercury, dioxins, acid gases, and arsenic and nickel and other heavy metals — are not subject to national regulations to protect human health and the environment? Moreover, this surprising lapse in federal protection of human health and […]

  • Message to the EPA Administrator: Power Plant MACT Rules Must Meet Best In Breed Standard

    Dear Ms. Jackson: EPA’s recent industrial boiler air toxics regulations – even compared with the draft rules proposed last Spring – disappointed on several significant fronts.  As we at Clean Air Task Force see it, EPA’s “Boiler MACT” rule: Weakened emission limits by transparently fiddling with and adding new boiler sub-categories; Manipulated emission floors so […]

  • The Sky is Not Falling and The Lights Will Still Be On…

    This week, NERC, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation—an industry-funded group charged with keeping the lights on—released a long awaited and much anticipated report on the impact of a number of potential EPA regulations for the power sector.  And guess what? Much to the chagrin of those who have said that we can’t keep the […]