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Industrial Decarbonization Utilizing CCS and Hydrogen in the Netherlands

October 14, 2022 Category: Industry Work Area: Zero-Carbon Fuels

The Netherlands is aiming for a rapid energy transition that will reduce its heavy reliance on fossil fuels while boosting economic growth. To drive this transition, the Netherlands has focused energy and climate policy on GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions reductions. Dutch industry is required to reduce its GHG emissions by 59% (14.3 million tons of CO2 per year) by 2030 and become climate neutral by 2050. The challenge for Dutch industry is to decarbonize in adherence to the national climate target, while maintaining international competitiveness.

The presence of these dual goals has resulted in the formation of policy instruments prioritizing technologies that are more established and can decarbonize industry in the lowest cost manner, such as Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), over emerging technologies such as green hydrogen and electrification.