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The importance of carbon management for Europe’s climate ambitions

November 24, 2021 Category: Industry, Infrastructure Work Area: Carbon Capture
Europe's climate ambitions rely on CCS technoligies to decarbonise heavy industry

A group of 6 European organizations have submitted an open letter to European Commissioner for Energy, Kadri Simson, on the importance of CCS technology for Europe’s climate ambitions.

The letter follows the pre-COP CCUS forum that the European Commission held in October, the first high-level forum of its kind in the EU. Such an event cannot be a one off if we expect to achieve real progress in industrial decarbonisation, nor can we wait for CO2 infrastructure to become cost-effective before investing in it. These efforts must be coordinated at the European level, as geologic resources are not evenly spread on the continent and all industrial hubs will need access to it to ensure carbon reductions in all member states.

The full list of signatories is:

  • 1,5 Ventures
  • Bellona
  • Clean Air Task Force
  • Future Cleantech Architects
  • Negative Emissions Platform

Lee Beck – CATF’s International Director, Carbon Capture, commented:

“Carbon management has been overlooked in Brussels as industrial decarbonization has been a climate blind spot over the past decade. We came out of COP26 with a clear task to focus on delivering on our climate ambitions. And that will mean providing a viable decarbonization route for heavy industry, protecting both jobs and economic prosperity for the communities those industries operate in. It also means putting Europe on a path towards large-scale carbon removal so it can support global net-zero ambition.”