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Jonathan Lewis

Senior Counsel
Jonathan Lewis

Jonathan Lewis, an attorney and climate specialist with the Clean Air Task Force, works with companies, governments, and citizen groups on state, national, and international initiatives to address climate change. Jonathan leads CATF’s Bioenergy Project, which seeks to redirect the production and use of biofuels and biomass-based power so that they contribute to—rather than undermine—decarbonization and climate stability. He also works with the Advanced Energy Systems Project to promote the development of zero-carbon fuels for transportation, power generation, and industry. Jonathan previously coordinated CATF’s effort to accelerate the deployment of climate-friendly energy technologies by facilitating partnerships between cutting-edge energy companies and institutions in China and the United States.

Before joining CATF, Jonathan worked at the George Washington University Law School’s Center on Sustainability and Regional Growth; the Ocean Law Project, in Washington, D.C.; The Nature Conservancy, in Arlington, Virginia; and the City of Boston Environment Department’s Conservation Commission. Jonathan graduated from Tufts University and The George Washington University Law School.