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Discover CATF’s Country Methane Abatement Tool

CoMAT is an easy-to-use software that allows governments to estimate the methane pollution from their country’s oil and gas industry and develop mitigation plans that can reduce emissions.

The methane challenge

Methane emissions are 80x more damaging than carbon dioxide in the short term and reducing them is critical for our planet to stay within the 1.5 degree warming threshold. Deep and rapid cuts to methane emissions are essential to limiting and reducing peak warming.

CoMAT addresses some of the most significant barriers that governments face around emissions estimates, abatement potential projections and moving policies forward to reduce methane pollution.

Why CoMAT?

It’s easy to use, informative and impactful

CoMAT is free to use, intuitive and 100% customizable for any country, making a complex problem more simple, efficient and organized. The best available information is built-in, allowing you to explore variables and specific policy options that will lead to emission reductions and help you meet your country’s climate commitments and decarbonization goals.

Here’s how it works

CoMAT was created to use a process that allows countries to continually refine their estimations based on the best available information about a country’s oil and gas industry. By using CoMAT’s emissions calculations and inventory tools, countries can explore variables and specific policy options that can result in pollution reduction.

  • Start with general information about current oil and gas production and consumption in your country – or use projections for a future year.
  • Modify existing values about your oil and gas infrastructure: number of wells, compressor stations, miles of pipeline and more.
  • Tailor the built-in equipment inventory based on your on-the-ground knowledge of oil and gas operations in your country. Unavailable information can be estimated with the tool’s default parameters.
  • Enter the values that best reflect your country’s unique case. You can make estimates using CoMAT’s default assumptions or modify them based on additional information specific to your country.
  • Explore the tool’s mitigation planning functionality and design your country’s Methane Abatement Plan by applying leading global policies and proven best practices.
  • View potential mitigation reductions by emission source.
  • Review the leading methane policies and regulatory requirements using CoMAT’s digitized Policy Library.
  • Gain access to industry resources, definitions and view how CoMAT’s calculations work via the information tools.
  • Collaborate with your team and CATF’s experts by leaving notes, comments, and sharing knowledge or resources.

View the CoMAT methodology

Join the movement!

CATF’s experts are available and ready to work closely with you, your government, civil society, other NGOs, and interested stakeholders throughout every step of the process — at no cost.

With our team by your side, you can use CoMAT to assess needs, inform policies and move forward effective solutions that will lead to significant emission reductions.

Let’s get started!

Learn more about CoMAT and how it can support your methane emission reduction goals.

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