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CATF Statement on the Introduction of the CLEAN Future Act

March 2, 2021

“Introduction of the ‘CLEAN Future Act’ provides the blueprint for meeting our economy-wide decarbonization goals,” said Lindsey Griffith, Federal Policy Director of Clean Air Task Force.  “Today, the Energy and Commerce Committee is showing real leadership on a litany of issues, including transmission planning, assistance to communities that are transitioning to clean energy sources, reduction in Super Pollutants like methane, and acceleration of demonstration and deployment of clean energy technologies.  We look forward to working with the Committee to discuss and refine this proposal going forward.”

“The Clean Electricity Standard in the bill sets the pace for speedy decarbonization of the power sector, and includes some important policy innovations to ensure fairness and affordability,” added Conrad Schneider, Advocacy Director of the Clean Air Task Force.

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