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European Carbon Capture Group

Clean Air Task Force Joins Leading European Carbon Capture Advisory Group

February 15, 2021 Work Area: Carbon Capture

BRUSSELS, Feb. 15, 2020 – Clean Air Task Force (CATF) has joined Zero Emissions Platform (ZEP), the EU Commission’s technical advisor on the deployment of carbon capture, removal, and storage technologies in Europe. CATF joins a coalition of experts and organizations who recognize that carbon capture, removal, and storage will play a crucial role in achieving the EU’s commitment to reach climate neutrality by 2050.

Zero Emissions Platform is a European Technology and Innovation Platform under the Commission’s Strategic Energy Technologies Plan. It is a unique platform for collaboration which represents all the parties involved along the value chain, including Bellona, E3G, Equinor, Port of Rotterdam, Heidelberg Cement, and SINTEF.

“Innovation is imperative for achieving EU climate neutrality by mid-century. CATF is looking forward to working with ZEP to create the EU policy and regulatory landscape necessary to deliver on the deployment of carbon capture, removal, and storage technologies at the scale necessary for climate ambition,” said Lee Beck, CATF’s CCUS Policy Innovation Director.

Strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions vary widely from sector to sector. Carbon capture, removal, and storage will be necessary to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, including to decarbonize energy-intensive industries as well as remove CO2 already in the atmosphere.

Both the IPCC and the International Energy Agency have repeatedly identified the need for the substantial implementation of carbon capture, removal, and storage in the next few decades. The models show that, without carbon capture, removal, and storage technology, we cannot reduce emissions quickly enough to fend off the worst effects of climate change.

The combined experience and technical knowhow of ZEP will be instrumental for the improvement and creation of an EU carbon capture, removal, and storage policy and regulatory framework. In the near-term this includes, the revision of the TEN-E to include geologic storage of CO2 and further modalities of CO2 transport, amongst other important climate files currently being processed by the Commission.

“Carbon capture and storage and carbon capture and utilization technologies will have an important role to play to reach climate-neutrality by 2050, enabling a just, safe and cost-efficient transition for European industries and citizens,” commented Dr Graeme Sweeney, Chairman of ZEP. “As Clean Air Task Force expand their activities to Europe, ZEP welcomes and looks forward to working together with CATF to ensure further development, testing and deployment of carbon capture and storage technologies in this decade.”

For any media inquiries, please contact Rowan Emslie.

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