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CATF endorsed by leading researchers as highly effective non-profit

December 15, 2020

Over the past few weeks, the Clean Air Task Force has been honored by multiple endorsements from leading philanthropic research evaluators for our impact and the effectiveness of our work.

Endorsements like the one we received from international London-based charity evaluator, Founders Pledge, included an expanded charity report on our work and outlines why they selected us as their “top climate change charity.”

Our most recent endorsement was received from newly launched Giving Green, who acknowledged our “strong track-record of specific policy accomplishments at the national level (including policies with bipartisan support), [our] focus on relatively neglected issue areas, the strength of their staff, and [our] demonstrated ability to productively absorb additional funds in coming years.”

These endorsements have resulted in an outpouring of support and amplification from national publications including Vox, “Want to improve climate policy in the Biden era? Here’s where to donate.” and the Atlantic, “The best way to donate to fight climate change (probably).”

And most recently, an article written by climate philanthropy writer Marc Gunther, “Which are the most effective climate change nonprofits?”

As a new member of the CATF team, it has been an exciting and energizing time to join this leading-edge organization. What I am quickly learning is that these endorsements and public acknowledgements are admittedly new for my colleagues. Our team of experts have been laser-focused on doing the good, often unseen work that is now being lifted up more publicly. This acknowledgement of CATF’s effectiveness is encouraging support from individual donors in a way not previously experienced and has super-charged our ability to do more with a broader approach internationally.

To learn more about how you can support this incredible team and the work we are leading please reach out to me anytime. I’m eager to connect with other passionate climate change champions, because you are the ones making a difference in the climate change challenge with the leaders at CATF.

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