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CATF New Website Design

Explore Our Redesigned Website and Fresh Look!

November 14, 2018

Our task is to prevent catastrophic climate change by applying an overwhelming amount of force to some of the biggest levers to reduce carbon and other climate warming emissions. I’m proud to say that for the last 22 years, CATF has led national and global efforts to create and enact policies, promote technology innovation, and provide thought-leadership to address this challenge.

We are excited to announce the launch of our new website and visual identity. The new logo design is simple, bold and memorable. The abbreviation of our name is transformed into a new logo design with the letters “A” and “T” forming an arrow – symbolizing our determination to always push new ideas and fresh approaches forward. This effort will expand our reach, raise our visibility, provide easier access to vital research, share our progress and expertise, and serve as a platform to catalyze new ideas, launch partnerships, and better engage with our supporters across the globe.

Over the years, CATF’s work has continually evolved to address the myriad of climate change challenges. Today, as we seek to grow our efforts and strengthen our influence and leadership, we have regrouped our work into six key focus areas:

CATF’s new website is designed to reflect our mission, achievements, and diverse approach. Our traditional blog has been transformed into The Latest – a new digital space for information, engagement and knowledge featuring all the latest insights, news, publications, and expert opinions from CATF’s team. This content hub is designed to keep you in the know by exploring our work and latest partner collaborations as we continue to drive the change needed for a high-energy, zero-emissions planet at an affordable cost.

CATF’s new look and website elevate our core work as practical climate problem solvers who aim to explore all plausible solutions that offer promise and can scale to the size of the climate challenge. As we look ahead, we are thankful for all of our partners, collaborators, and supporters as well as our opponents. Over the years you have inspired and motivated us to seek bold ideas, keep an open mind, and stay true to the evidence. These are the qualities and characteristics CATF will continue to carry forward into the future. We invite you to explore the newly redesigned and share!

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