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Catalyzing resilient solutions, scaled to meet the climate challenge.

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We are a non-traditional and fact-based organization.

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Staying focused on change that can truly make a difference.

Decarbonized Fossil Energy

California’s CO2 Reduction Program Opens Doors to CCS

In September, California Air Resources Board voted on including CO2 reductions from Carbon Capture and Sequestration technologies under its Low Carbon Fuel Standard Program by incorporating a CCS Protocol into the regulation. Credits under the LCFS program stacked with the 45Q tax credit for CCS make CO2 reductions worth between approximately $135 and $150 per

November 10, 2018
Super Pollutants

Time to Celebrate a Climate Success: Mexico’s Methane Regulations for the Oil and Gas Sector Have Raised the Bar for the Rest of the World

The alarm rang at 3:15 am. Of course, I didn’t get the text from the airline that my flight was delayed till I was already in the cab to the airport. A one-hour delay meant my connection in Newark was going to be tight, real tight. Like sprinting through the airport, yelling at the gate […]

November 14, 2018
Super Pollutants

Testimony of Sarah Ann Smith at EPA Hearing on Proposed Changes to Emissions Standards for the Oil and Gas Sector

Super Pollutants Program Director Sarah Smith testified before the Environmental Protection Agency this morning at a public hearing in Denver, joining a wide range of other organizations opposing a proposed rule to weaken the 2016 methane emissions standards for the oil and gas sector.

November 14, 2018
News & Media

Explore Our Redesigned Website and Fresh Look!

Every day at the Clean Air Task Force we ask ourselves, “What’s the most important work we can be doing to avoid climate change?”

November 14, 2018
Power Plants

The Trump Administration Takes a Dangerous New Path in Proposing Changes to EPA’s Mercury and Air Toxics Rule

Among the casualties of conservative “principles” sacrificed to the crony capitalism evinced by the Trump Administration is that of using holistic cost-benefit analysis to help set environmental priorities.

October 24, 2018

Our Mission

We push the change in technologies and policies needed to get to a zero-emissions, high-energy planet at an affordable cost. Imagine a world where the energy needs of all humans are met efficiently without damaging the atmosphere.

How We're Different

We are a twenty-two year old organization with a startup mentality and an honest perspective. We are problem solvers and creative environmentalists who achieve change in three main ways: 

Technology Advocacy

Facilitating the commercialization of emerging and proven climate change mitigation technologies.

Policy Advocacy

Working practically and objectively to catalyze and spark realistic change that leads to major impact through legal and legislative advocacy.

Thought Leadership

Driving support for the most effective policy and technology strategies.

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