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Potential Human Health Impacts Associated with Retirement of Nuclear Power Plants in Illinois

October 8, 2019 Category: Electricity, Technology Work Area: Advanced Nuclear

CATF’s analysis finds significant health and associated economic impact from the loss of zero emission nuclear plants in Illinois. This leads to social, personal and economy-wide consequences for the citizens of Illinois and surrounding states that could be avoided if nuclear plants in Illinois continue to operate.

Clean Air Task Force using proven US EPA modeling tools has determined that loss of zero emission generation from the retirement of four nuclear power plants in Illinois would result in the following cumulative health-related impacts and costs over a ten-year period:

  • Between 1,200 to almost 2,700 premature deaths;
  • Over 30,000 additional asthma attacks and other respiratory symptoms leading to limited daily activities;
  • Almost 140,000 work loss days;
  • $10 to $24 billion ($1 to $2.4 billion per year) in monetized damages due to increased air pollution.