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Open Letter: NGOs call for an EU Carbon Capture and Storage Strategy

December 20, 2022 Category: Industry, Policy, Technology Work Area: Carbon Capture

10 leading NGOs call for an EU carbon capture and storage strategy, demonstrating a coalition of like-minded European environmental groups recognise the importance carbon capture and storage will have in meeting climate goals.

The letter underscores the need for a policy framework for carbon capture and storage based on a robust set of guiding principles and safeguards to facilitate the deployment of this critical infrastructure for industrial decarbonisation at scale by 2030. 

The coalition of signatories spreads well beyond Brussels, with signatory groups from no less than five Member States across various regions including the Netherlands, Denmark, Romania, Poland, and Germany, highlighting the need for carbon capture and storage deployment across the continent.

The signatories are:

  • Bellona Europa
  • Clean Air Task Force
  • Carbon-Free Europe
  • Concito
  • Energy Policy Group
  • Future Cleantech Architects
  • Germanwatch
  • Natuur & Milieu
  • WiseEuropa