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Open Letter: Leading NGOs call on European Commission to defend methane regulation

December 15, 2022 Category: Policy Work Area: Methane

Ahead of a crucial decision by the Council of the European Union, 11 leading NGOs have raised serious concerns about the watering down of the EU Methane Regulation, and call on the European Commission to speak up against the suggestions of the Council. The letter makes detailed policy recommendations and highlights serious flaws evident in the most recent draft from the Council.


  • Esther Bollendorff, Senior Gas Policy Coordinator, CAN Europe 
  • Jonathan Banks, Global Director for Methane Pollution Prevention, Clean Air Task Force 
  • Sascha Müller-Kraenner, Executive Director, Deutsche Umwelthilfe 
  • Clare Perry, Climate Campaign Lead, Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA)  
  • Michał Hetmański, CEO, Instrat  
  • Stefano Ciafani, President, Legambiente  
  • Mihai Stoica, Executive Director, 2Celsius  
  • Durwood Zaelke, Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development – IGSD 
  • Flavia Sollazzo, Senior Director EU Energy Transition, Environmental Defense Fund   
  • Veronika Murzynová, Energy transition expert, Centre for Transport and Energy (CDE) 
  • Marina Gros, Gas Campaigner, Ecologistas en Acción