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Open Letter from 27 Leaders in Industry, Academia and Civil Society on the EU’s TEN-E Regulation

A coalition of European industry and academic representatives signed an open letter calling for CO2 storage sites and multiple CO2 transport options to be supported by the TEN-E regulation.

“The Trans-European Network for Energy (TEN-E) Regulation plays an important role in accelerating the build-out of infrastructure for a climate neutral Europe. We strongly support the TEN-E as an effective tool to accelerate building CO2 networks and advocate for strengthening the policy through including geological storage of CO2 and multiple modalities of CO2 transport in addition to pipelines, in the cross-border thematic area of cross-border carbon dioxide networks.”

The open letter was first published in Politico here. It was facilitated by Clean Air Task Force and Bellona Europe as part of the ongoing #TenETuesday campaign aimed at rising awareness on how this the revision of TEN-E could impact CO2 capture, transport and storage for heavy industry in Europe. Please read our policy recommendations here.

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