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Industrial Decarbonisation: A UK Case Study

October 14, 2022 Category: Industry Work Area: Carbon Capture

The UK is at the vanguard of industrial decarbonisation efforts. Total industrial emissions have more than halved over the past 30 years and, according to the UK Government, the UK was the world’s first major economy to present a net zero Industrial Decarbonisation Strategy in 2021. This strategy sets out the vision of how the UK can maintain a thriving industrial sector aligned with a legally binding net zero target.

Given its leading position in this field, both in terms of setting the policy / strategic direction and the actual projects that are being stimulated as a result, the UK is of significant interest to other developed countries with industrial decarbonisation ambitions.

This report focuses on two technologies – carbon capture, usage, and storage (CCUS) and hydrogen – given their significant potential impact on industrial decarbonisation in the UK and indeed globally. This includes description and analysis of policies, supporting fiscal tools, regulatory mechanisms and project development pathways into the future. Commentary is also provided on the applicability of the UK experience to other European countries.