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Clean Air Task Force 2022 Impact Report

October 3, 2023 Category: Climate, News & Media

At CATF, we’ve never shied away from the complexity of climate change. In fact, we embrace it. As a global environmental organization purpose-built for today’s reality, we know there are no silver bullets and no easy answers to the climate challenge. We are pragmatic and work to drive change in the world as it is, rather than how we might wish it were, and we’ve done so for more than 25 years.

Global events in 2022 underscored the wisdom of this approach. With the war in Ukraine exacerbating already destabilized global energy markets, and with energy security and scarcity rising to the fore, flexible, option-based climate strategies were more widely recognized as a better fit for a world filled with uncertainty.

The following report highlights our impact in 2022 – where we forged new partnerships, asked hard questions, and found innovative solutions. Clean Air Task Force has grown from a small, but mighty team of ten in downtown Boston to a multi-faceted global organization of nearly two hundred staff driving lasting change around the world.

In 2022, we helped secure historic funding for climate and clean energy solutions through the Inflation Reduction Act in the U.S., advocated for a comprehensive carbon capture and storage strategy in Europe, continued to lead the charge to reduce methane pollution around the globe, and accelerated our work in Africa – understanding that the continent’s energy transformation should be led by those living and working within it.

We also helped secure more than $370 billion in clean energy funding in 2022, expanded our work to 46 countries, and engaged with over 100 policymakers around the world. This work cannot be accomplished without our donors and partners, and we extend a thank you to their continued support.