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A Policy Framework for Carbon Capture and Storage in Europe

May 10, 2022 Category: Policy Work Area: Carbon Capture

In a major new report, Clean Air Task Force outlines a set of concrete steps needed to produce a comprehensive carbon capture and storage strategy fit for Europe’s climate ambitions.

There has already been a marked growth in efforts to deploy carbon management technologies across Europe. But efforts to deploy them at large scale in Europe have struggled, owing primarily to inadequate regulatory incentives and the need to develop common CO2 infrastructure. Now, with over 50 carbon capture or storage projects proposed across the region (offering an abatement potential of over 80 Mt of CO2 per year), it is imperative that EU and national governments develop a coordinated policy framework that allows these first-move projects to progress and develop into a viable, region-wide industry for CO2 storage.

Carbon capture, removal, transport and storage technologies are crucial tools for achieving economy wide decarbonization. Studies from the IPCC, the IEA and the European Commission itself have shown this over and over. But the EU’s current policy roadmap does not yet reflect this reality.

Read the full report to see what a comprehensive policy framework for carbon capture and storage in Europe would look like.