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A national carbon management strategy for the implementation of industrial CCS and CCU projects in Germany and Europe

December 20, 2022 Category: Industry, Policy, Technology Work Area: Carbon Capture

Clean Air Task Force supports a position paper on the deployment of carbon capture and storage in Germany, technologies that will be, in addition to the necessary transformation activities, critical to achieving Germany’s target of climate neutrality by 2045.

The paper, initiated by several leaders in German industry and supported by some NGOs, calls for the strategic deployment of carbon capture and storage focused on sectors where emissions are tied to industrial processes, as well as sectors where negative emissions are needed to compensate for residual emissions.

This position paper calls for various actions to be taken by the German Government including the development of a national carbon management strategy, as well as key policy and regulatory amendments to be taken, including:

  • Quantifying the needs for CO2 storage and negative emissions in Germany
  • Extending and harmonising regulations for the transport of CO2
  • Enabling offshore CO2 storage in the North Sea
  • Recognising multiple transport modalities in the EU Emissions Trading System
  • Fast-tracking the deployment of climate technologies



  • Bellona Deutschland
  • Bundesverband Erdgas, Erdöl und Geoenergie (BVEG)
  • Bundesverband Kalkindustrie (BV Kalk)
  • Clean Air Task Force (CATF)
  • Deutscher Verein des Gas- und Wasserfaches (DVGW)
  • Germanwatch
  • Interessengemeinschaft der Thermischen Abfallbehandlungsanlagen in Deutschland (ITAD)
  • Verband der Chemischen Industrie (VCI)
  • Verein Deutscher Zementwerke (VDZ)
  • Zentralverband der deutschen Seehafenbetriebe (ZDS)
  • Zukunft Gas