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Tom Walker
CATF Expert

Thomas Walker

Transportation Technology Manager


As Transportation Technology Manager, Tom serves as an internal thought-leader and knowledge resource for transportation technologies. Tom develops and manages a system for scouting and prioritizing promising zero- and low-carbon transportation technologies and works with CATF program staff to integrate and leverage CATF expertise in zero carbon fuels, bioenergy, decarbonized fossil energy, and the abatement of methane and other super pollutants. Tom is CATF’s key point of contact with external transportation technology experts. Tom also supports other CATF technology activities such as industrial hydrogen and ammonia use.

Before joining CATF, Tom began his career at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries at a research and development center located in Japan. He worked there for 8 years, first as an Engineer then as a Chief Researcher primarily focusing on gas turbine combined cycle (GTCC) as well as other related technologies in the power and energy sector. Tom then transferred back to the US and worked at MHI America for 3 years as the project lead and chief liaison between MHI and MIT for joint research into developing cutting-edge GTCC technologies. Part of that work was as a technology scout where he investigated a wide range of topics, like ammonia burning gas turbine engines, and other future energy technologies.

Tom holds a Bachelor and Master of Science degree in Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from MIT.