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David Yellen
CATF Expert

David Yellen

Strategic Advisor


David W. Yellen is a strategic advisor on CATF’s Europe and Middle East teams, and he co-leads the organization’s strategy for engagement at the annual Conference of the Parties (COP). In this role, he develops and executes strategies and research to support CATF’s work on decarbonization pathways in Europe and the MENA region, and provides geopolitical and economic analysis in key regions. In coordinating COP strategy, David works across programs and functions to create comprehensive programming for CATF’s participation and to create long-term strategic and connective tissue across programs, functions, and regions.

Previously, David was an associate director at the Atlantic Council Global Energy Center, where he was responsible for Asia-Pacific research and programming, as well as the Center’s hydrogen work, and he contributed to energy security and markets research. His interests currently include China’s industrial strategies and policies in energy industries, hydrogen markets and deployment policies, energy innovation infrastructure and competition, and energy transition policies in developing countries. David also previously worked at the Council on Foreign Relations on clean energy economics and in Senator Elizabeth Warren’s office, and he has contributed pieces to Scientific American and the Economist, among other publications.

David has a Master of Science degree in Environment and Sustainability Management from Georgetown University, from which he also graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in Government, with a focus on energy markets and policy and a minor in economics. He is also a nonresident fellow at the Atlantic Council Global Energy Center.