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David McCabe
CATF Expert

David McCabe

Senior Scientist


David McCabe has been with CATF since January 2010, focusing on methane from the oil and gas industries. David engages with industry, regulators, and researchers to better understand emissions sources and practices and technologies to reduce emissions. Recent and current collaborations include research projects to measure methane and other pollutants from wellpads in Wyoming and Utah, emissions from flares in North Dakota, and volatile organic compounds in the Marcellus Shale production area of southwestern Pennsylvania. David has designed and managed studies of the feasibility of zero-bleed pneumatic equipment at oil and gas production sites; the economics of leak detection for oil and gas facilities; and alternatives to flaring of associated gas from shale oil plays. He has worked with multi-stakeholder groups such as STRONGER and the Center for Responsible Shale Development.

Prior to joining CATF, David served as an AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow at US EPA. He received a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Colorado, and conducted post-doctoral studies at the California Institute of Technology.