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Clean tech at COP27: CATF guides discussion with Timmermans, Granholm, Mnyupe

November 16, 2022

Sharm el-Sheikh — Today at COP27, Lee Beck, CATF’s Senior Director, Europe is moderating an all-star panel featuring Executive Vice President of the European Commission Frans Timmermans, U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm, and Presidential Economic Advisor and Green Hydrogen Commissioner at the Government of Namibia James Mnyupe. 

“This is the implementation COP. Achievements like the U.S. climate package and Europe’s investments in innovation are a crucial step towards making climate technologies available at scale globally,” said Beck. “But a clean Europe and U.S. isn’t the end goal. We have to make a wide variety of clean tech available to all countries, in all circumstances, so they can design decarbonization pathways that are best for them.” 

The panel addresses one of the core themes of COP27: the challenge of building new technologies and new infrastructure at a massive scale. 

Meeting our climate goals is an enormous challenge. It means transforming every major sector of our economies: electricity, manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, waste, and buildings.  

The International Energy Agency has shown that 50% of emissions reductions are expected to come from technologies that are not yet available at commercial scale. A wide suite of clean technology options need to be demonstrated, scaled, and commercialized to meet global climate ambitions. 

This technological transformation requires massive public and private investment to deploy clean tech solutions for the mid and long term — from industrial decarbonization technologies like carbon capture and storage or zero-carbon fuels, to clean firm power generation, to negative emissions options like direct air capture.

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