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Renewable Fuel Standard

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  • RFS Politics Keep Ping-Ponging and the Environment Keeps Losing

    If a contest was held to identify the Trump Administration’s most haywire, least efficient, most higgledy-piggledy exercise in policymaking, its implementation of the Renewable Fuel Standard would have to be in the running. Surely other policy initiatives have caused more harm in the past three years, environmental and otherwise—but the RFS is no slouch in

  • The RFS, the Rebound Effect, and an Additional 431 Million Tons of CO2

    There’s a quirk of macroeconomics known as the rebound effect, and it can be a bit of a drag. When the price of a widely used commodity falls, consumers tend to use more of it. In most cases, that’s a good thing. But sometimes the price drop is the unintended consequence of policies or technologies […]

  • Flying Blind: EPA Can’t Start Fixing the RFS Until It Stops Ignoring the Problems

    Before we dig into the new report on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s failure to conduct “an objective analysis on the environmental impacts and unintended consequences of U.S. biofuel policy,” or how that report echoes the Clean Air Task Force’s long-held position that EPA has not adequately assessed the negative effects that conventional biofuels like […]

  • Subsidizing Conventional Biofuels: An Idea Whose Time is Over

    Finally, policies that prop up biofuels production are in the crosshairs, and not a moment too soon. Because over the last decade, the biofuels industry has grown accustomed to getting whatever it wants, with no questions asked. Those days, at long last, appear to be over. Last week, the U.S. House of Representatives voted 283-128 […]