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  • Trump to America’s Children: It’s Coal for You This Year!

    U.S. EPA today announced yet another regulatory rollback holiday gift to the coal industry. While the country is distracted by recycling gift boxes and post-holiday sales, EPA quietly proposed to find that it is not “appropriate” to regulate the toxic air emissions from the nation’s coal- and oil-fired power plants. The proposal reverses a decades-old

  • EPA Data Shows Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Oil & Gas Increase

    When EPA released data on US industrial 2017 greenhouse gas emissions earlier this month, the oil and gas industry was quick to point out that their methane emissions had fallen between 2016 and 2017. We’ll explore the methane emissions trend in future blog posts. First, however, we want to look at the bigger picture, because […]

  • EPA’s Latest Attempt to Make America Gag Again… The Trump “Dirty Power Plan”

    Yesterday the comment period closed on the Trump EPA’s proposed replacement for Obama-era Clean Power Plan, which the Agency proposed to repeal earlier this year. The Proposal, ironically named the “Affordable Clean Energy” (ACE) rule, is anything but affordable or clean. EPA’s own analysis shows that the Proposal would increase CO2 pollution from the electricity […]

  • México Introduce Propuesta de Estándares Para Reducir ta Contaminacion de Metano en el Sector Petrolero

    Hoy México propuso estándares exigibles para el sector petrolero mexicano, que al ser implementados, podrían reducir la contaminación de gas de metano del sector petrolero (gas natural y petróleo) en el país entre un 40 y 45 porciento.

  • CATF and Earthworks Release Rural Ozone Report: “Country Living, Dirty Air”

    In many parts of America’s rural countryside, pollution from the booming oil and gas industry is causing an increase in asthma attacks and increased risks of cancer and respiratory diseases.

  • Oil and Gas Methane Leadership Awards Press Release

    The inaugural Oil and Gas Methane Leadership Awards were awarded to leading government jurisdictions and other entities in recognition of actions taken to reduce harmful methane emissions from the oil and gas sector.

  • Nationwide Standards are Key to Reducing Emissions from Oil and Gas

    Recently oil and gas industry lobbyists have been excitedly reporting about how the industry has “substantially reduced methane emissions” through voluntary efforts. For example, Energy in Depth, a project of the Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA), has produced an infographictouting reductions in methane emissions from selected oil and gas producing basins since 2011 based […]

  • Making Sense of Gas vs. Coal and Climate: A Look at the Recent Paper by Tom Wigley

    The last few months have seen a flurry of academic papers investigating whether using natural gas for power generation creates more global warming than using coal for power generation.  A few have reached the startling conclusion that using gas for power is just as bad, or worse, than coal. The most recent of these is […]