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  • Time to Lead: With the U.S. Taking the Helm of the Arctic Council, It’s Time to Take the Lead on Reducing Methane and Black Carbon

    Last week, in Iqaluit, Canada, the Chairmanship of the Arctic Council passed from Canada to the U.S., and Secretary of State John Kerry, the new Chairman of the Council, was on hand to set the stage for the U.S.’s leadership term. At the meeting, Secretary Kerry reaffirmed the US’s recent announcement that climate change will

  • Why Wait Until 2016 to Reform the RFS?

    Will the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) matter in the 2016 elections? Should the next president reform or end the current policy? The National Journal recently posed these questions to its Energy & Environment Expert Insiders.

  • We Can Protect Our Climate and Keep The Lights on Too!

    Once again, opponents of the Clean Power Plan (CPP) are raising the specter that electric system reliability will be threatened if power plants are required to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Discussions of system reliability will take center stage beginning this weekend when the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) holds its Winter […]

  • When Good Science Gets Badly Communicated

    Last week provides a cautionary tale of what happens when a string of miscommunications turns good science into bad journalism. MIT Study Could Deflate Hopes For Coal Plant Carbon Capture And Storage reads the January 30 headline from Forbes. The story states: “a leading university reveals that the earth’s belly can’t stomach as much carbon […]

  • Pens Down on the Clean Power Plan – Now All Eyes Turn to EPA

    On Monday at midnight, the comment period for the Administration’s Clean Power Plan closed. Over 1 million comments, including CATF’s, already have been posted on EPA’s ambitious effort to control carbon dioxide (CO2) from the nation’s largest industrial source of that pollution– the existing fossil fueled power sector. The stage is finally set for the […]

  • What I’m Thankful For: EPA’s Strong Resolve to Press for Deep Carbon Pollution Reductions Under the Clean Air Act

    Over the past 43 years, the Clean Air Act has repeatedly demonstrated its extraordinary effectiveness in assuring cleaner air by promoting and securing innovations in pollution control.  You don’t have to take my word for it, you can just compare the air in any major U.S. city to that in Beijing. These pollution control innovations […]

  • The Last Climate Frontier: Arctic Council Leadership on Methane and Black Carbon Must Start at Home

    Warming from climate change in the Arctic is happening twice as fast as at lower latitudes, and the Arctic is now “ground-zero” in the struggle against climate change. Arctic and near-Arctic emissions of short-lived climate forcing pollutants, including methane and black carbon, have a disproportionate impact on increasing Arctic temperatures and melting. Methane and black […]

  • Clean Up All Local Gas Distribution Leaks (Not Just Underground!)

    The US Department of Energy and EPA’s Inspector General have called attention in the past two weeks to an important issue – harmful methane emissions from the systems that distribute natural gas in cities and towns. There’s been some effort to clean up methane from natural gas systems in recent years. For example, EPA’s 2012 […]