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Transmission Development in California – What’s the Slowdown?

March 16, 2023 Category: Infrastructure
california transmission

The electricity transmission system – the backbone of the power system – is the key to clean, cost-effective, and reliable electricity delivery to Californians. New high-voltage cables, enhanced existing cable networks, and supporting infrastructure connect electricity generating resources to local distribution networks where energy is most needed. A modern transmission network also facilitates import of low-cost electricity from other states, supplementing electricity supply and easing energy burdens for California communities. Increasingly ambitious climate and energy laws in California, coupled with decreasing clean energy technology costs, drive the development of new, decarbonized resources which require a robust transmission network to bring energy to demand centers.

In this fact sheet CATF explains the California transmission development process and identifies opportunities to accelerate permitting, manage ratepayer impacts, and proactively develop transmission so vitally needed to reach the state’s clean energy goals.