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Methane Matters: UK

June 15, 2023 Category: Policy Work Area: Methane
Methane Matters: UK

Methane is a greenhouse gas around 80 times more potent than carbon dioxide over a 20-year timeframe. At least 25% of global warming is driven by rising methane emissions which are responsible for half a degree of warming to date.

Methane accounts for approximately 13% of the UK’s net greenhouse gas emissions. Globally, methane emissions come mainly from three sectors: agriculture (40%), waste (40%) and energy (20%). In the UK, agriculture makes up the largest share (58%), followed by the waste sector (31%). The energy sector accounts for 12% of the UK’s methane emissions.

Explore the fact sheet below to learn how the UK can demonstrate its global climate leadership by rapidly reducing methane emissions beyond what it has achieved to date.