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A Global Playbook for Nuclear Energy Development in Embarking Countries: Six Dimensions for Success

December 3, 2023 Category: Policy, Technology Work Area: Advanced Nuclear

Amid growing momentum for nuclear power as an essential part of a suite of solutions for climate change, the EFI Foundation, Clean Air Task Force, and Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) launched the report below at COP28, the annual United Nations conference on climate change.

The report outlines pathways for the responsible, sustainable, and effective development of new nuclear energy projects. With a focus on “embarking countries,” a term used by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to describe countries that do not currently have nuclear infrastructure but plan to deploy new nuclear energy projects, the comprehensive and options-based approach in the report addresses institutional, business model, security, and human capital complexities and can guide countries in scaling up new nuclear energy projects to meet national goals for clean energy and growing electricity demand.