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Rebecca Sanders-DeMott
CATF Expert

Rebecca Sanders-DeMott

Research Fellow, Land Systems


Rebecca Sanders-DeMott joined CATF as a Research Fellow on the Land Systems team in July 2022. She is an ecosystem ecologist with expertise in terrestrial carbon cycling and methodologies related to verification and quantification of nature-based climate solutions. She is focused on analysis of land-based carbon management, carbon dioxide removal (CDR), and carbon offsets.

Prior to joining CATF, Rebecca worked as a Mendenhall Research Fellow at the United States Geological Survey (USGS) conducting research on the feasibility of coastal wetland restoration to serve as a blue carbon climate mitigation tool via reductions in methane emission. She has also published research on the impacts of changing climate and seasonality on forest carbon sequestration and nutrient cycling in roles at the University of New Hampshire and at Boston University. Rebecca holds a PhD in Biology with a Certificate in Biogeosciences from Boston University and a BS in Biology from Cornell University. She is currently based on Cape Cod, MA.