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CATF Expert

Isabel Garzón

Waste Analyst, Methane Pollution Prevention


Isabel Garzón joined CATF in 2023 as a Waste Analyst on the Methane Pollution Prevention team. In this role she supports the implementation of CATF’s waste sector strategy and advocates for strong national-level public policies to reduce methane emissions from solid waste, primarily in the Latin America Region.

Isabel is an Environmental Engineer and holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering, specializing in waste management. Before joining CATF, she held management, coordination, and technical positions in public, private, and non-governmental organizations, mainly in Ecuador and more recently in Colombia. Her professional life includes the implementation of activities in projects related to international conventions such as the Paris Agreement and the Stockholm, Basel, and Minamata Conventions. Her work experience has been primarily related to hazardous and non-hazardous waste management. She has also participated in projects on methane capture in landfills. Finally, her mother tongue is Spanish, and she has a good command of English and Portuguese.