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Heny Patel
CATF Expert

Heny Patel

Program Analyst, Methane Pollution Prevention


Heny Patel joined CATF in 2022 and is a Policy Analyst for the Methane Pollution Prevention team focused on strengthening policies to reduce methane and other super pollutant emissions. Before joining CATF, Heny worked as a process engineer in an oil and gas company analyzing greenhouse gas reduction opportunities in several processing facilities. She also assessed several pre-and post-carbon capture technologies and studied technology integration requirements with existing assets. She led field testing efforts for a new acid gas removal and dehydration technology that proved commercially more practical for use compared to other conventional technologies. Additionally, she volunteered as a process simulation engineer for a carbon capture company, Yummet, that strives to reduce carbon emissions and create marketable products, such as concrete, potable water, biochar, and electricity, out of industrial waste streams.

Heny also serves as a Board Member of Women’s Relief Initiative (WRI), a 501c3 non-profit organization working to reduce period poverty globally by providing menstrual products and education to resource-stricken communities. She is also a part of the WRI research team working to develop an affordable and biodegradable menstrual product to increase access while reducing toxic environmental waste.

Heny holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin.