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Meet Our Expert

Bruce Hill

Chief Geoscientist
Bruce Hill

Dr. Hill is Chief Geoscientist for Boston-based Clean Air Task Force (CATF) where he has provided technical expertise for CATF for nearly two decades in the areas of geologic and atmospheric sciences. His education incudes a Ph.D. in geology from Stanford University, and B.A. in geology from the University of Vermont where his research focused on geology and tectonics of the northern California, the northern Appalachians and Taiwan’s central fold belt. He presently serves as a technical resource for CATF on geologic carbon storage, CO2 enhanced oil recovery, unconventional gas development, advanced geothermal technology, air pollution monitoring, air pollution and public health, regional haze.

As a member of CATF’s Decarbonized Fossil Energy team, Dr. Hill currently leads CATF’s collaborative efforts in China to advance CCS through development of CO2 utilization, through CO2 enhanced oil recovery, and efforts to promote best practices in unconventional gas development. Dr. Hill has worked with colleagues in China and the U.S. for half a decade to helping build CCS networks, organize U.S.- China bilateral discussions on CCS, technical workshops and field study technical tours.

Dr. Hill is also a member of CATF’s domestic public policy advocacy team, providing expert technical consultation on state and federal carbon storage, unconventional oil and gas and air pollution regulatory and legislative efforts. In his capacity with CATF, he has served on federal advisory committees, testified in front of state and federal agencies and Congress. He is a member of the International Standards Organization technical committee ISO TC 265 on carbon capture and storage.

In addition to his current work, Dr. Hill’s earlier professional experience includes work as a staff geologist in Rocky Mountain oil exploration and production, as a professor teaching college level earth and environmental sciences in NH and CA, and conducting high elevation air pollution monitoring in the New Hampshire’s White Mountains.