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Clean Air Task Force to host Zero-Carbon Future at COP28 in Dubai, UAE

November 1, 2023

This article is part of our COP28 series. Learn more about CATF at COP28.

Clean Air Task Force will send a delegation of experts to COP28 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to raise tough questions about the word’s current climate strategies and advance additional options for effective climate action. In addition to its direct engagement with stakeholders across the COP process, CATF will host Zero-Carbon Future pavilion — a collaborative platform in the Blue Zone for civil society advocates, policymakers, industry, finance leaders, and other global experts to debate the hardest questions at the nexus of emissions reductions, climate action, energy security, and economic growth.      

“COP28 has been a magnet for controversy, but for that very reason it’s a great place to have some of the toughest conversations about the future of energy in a world of geopolitical stress,” said Armond Cohen, President of Clean Air Task Force. “CATF will be there to advance alternative approaches that are purpose-built for our increasingly complex reality.” 

Zero-Carbon Future, which builds on the foundation CATF and partners set at COP27, will feature two weeks of thought leadership programming from experts focused on addressing the full scope of the climate challenge and advancing an innovative, pragmatic, and ambitious vision for a carbon-free future. Through panel discussions, interactive roundtables, fireside chats, and networking receptions, experts from across sectors and geographies will join with advocates and policymakers to take stock of progress, assess economic and geopolitical realities, and consider the paradigm shifts necessary to advance a zero-carbon future.  

For a full list of Zero-Carbon Future programming and information on how to get involved, visit   

“The debates in the Zero-Carbon Future pavilion aim to advance a new understanding of the complexities of climate change, climate action, and energy security, and how we can best manage them in the face of global economic and geopolitical uncertainties,” said Lee Beck, Senior Director, Europe and the Middle East, and CATF COP28 Chair. “We look forward to meeting with our partners from around the world, elevating diverse perspectives, and advancing our shared work to meet the world’s energy needs while mitigating climate change.”  

COP28 will feature the culmination of the first Global Stocktake — an assessment of progress toward achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement. It is also likely to highlight the importance of reducing carbon dioxide and methane emissions from the global oil and gas sector, the need for additional finance flows to enable decarbonization, the importance of regional approaches to climate action, and the prominence of the Middle East as an emerging climate and clean energy leader.  

“At COP28 in Dubai, the spotlight will shine on the Middle East as an emerging leader in our collective effort to transform the global energy system to address climate change” said Olivia Azadegan, Energy Transition Director, Middle East and North Africa at CATF. “As host to one of the world’s largest energy hubs, endowed with significant financial resources, technical know-how, and influence in global energy markets, the Middle East and its leaders will have the opportunity to showcase their progress in promoting clean energy innovation — while engaging climate advocates in a dialogue that promotes a more honest reckoning with the realities of our global energy system.”   

CATF’s COP28 delegation includes experts from the U.S., Europe, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, with expertise on a diverse range of topics including mitigating greenhouse gas emissions from oil and gas, advancing innovative clean energy solutions, deploying clean energy infrastructure, increasing energy access and energy security, creating and securing durable climate and energy policies, and decarbonizing hard-to-abate sectors like heavy industry and transportation.  

Key outcomes CATF seeks to achieve at COP28 include:  

  • Tangible actions to accelerate the implementation and financing of the Global Methane Pledge  
  • A reset of the role that oil and gas companies play in the zero-carbon transition, with a new pathway forged to transparency, accountability, and emissions abatement  
  • Action to capitalize on the growing global momentum around nuclear energy as a climate solution, with consensus around next steps for global, at-scale deployment  
  • A concerted movement from pledges to plans, with a renewed focus on implementation  

To learn more about CATF’s work at COP28, visit

To join CATF for a November 7th media briefing on COP28, with perspective from a range CATF experts – click here

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About Clean Air Task Force  

Clean Air Task Force (CATF) is a global nonprofit organization working to safeguard against the worst impacts of climate change by catalyzing the rapid development and deployment of low-carbon energy and other climate-protecting technologies. With 25 years of internationally recognized expertise on climate policy and a fierce commitment to exploring all potential solutions, CATF is a pragmatic, non-ideological advocacy group with the bold ideas needed to address climate change. CATF has offices in Boston, Washington D.C., and Brussels, with staff working virtually around the world.

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